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If the information you’re looking for is not found below, or to communicate a problem, we’re available on chat, email or phone +351 93 714 11 22.


Tren-di is a Portuguese company that operates an online marketplace for lodging, primarily homestays for vacation rentals and tourism activities.

We envision a world where every transaction is online, with constant support from real people, where the needs of hosts and guests are met, easily and at affordable prices.

With the Quintessential App we provide an app for everybody which constitutes our vision of how to live better.

Thanks for being a part of the community!

Residential properties, like apartments, houses, duplexes, lofts, studios, rooms, etc. Also, holiday homes, guest houses, bed & breakfast. Entire property or only part.
No. Both furnished and un-furnished properties are accepted. Guests can search specifically for one or the other.

2 methods : Instant booking or Request to book.

Hosts can define a price per night, or a price per month, or both, according to their objectives.


All periods: short term (from 1 day), mid term (from 1 month) and long term.

In-person visits are not supported. Only online visits (video tours). This was done by design.

Typically for vacation rentals videos are not published by the hosts.

For longer stays, hosts may decide to add video tours, which are fully supported by the platform.

The host will select the minimum and maximum stay, which are set separately for night and monthly booking.
Guests are able to book a property within those limits.

If you have a special request ask the host in the ‘Introduce yourself to the host’ text box when doing a booking request.

Yes, we have reviews. And we love it. They are a very important part of our concept creating trust between hosts and guests.

Reviews can be done at any point after a reservation is Booked and you can also update your review through time.


Our booking platform is web based.

It can be accessed on any device, phones, tablets or desktops.
Because it’s web based it works in all operating systems through a browser.

In your device, open a browser (like google Chrome or Safari) and type and you’re in.

The Q app is a native mobile app. It. can be downloaded in Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Download now in Google Play

For Apple iOS : soon


Information on Usage, Privacy and our Community. See page Community.

See how we can help you in Services.


See how we can help you in Services.

See item Checked in page Services.

If you want to book a property, register as guest (I want to book).
If you want to host, register as host (I want to host).

To register, from the home page click Register, add your username, email, password and select the appropriate user profile.

These profiles are not inter-changeable. For example, a guest cannot add a property and a host cannot do a booking. We decided not to add this complication and keep profiles separate.

If you need to both host and be a guest, please register twice (as host, and then as guest, or vice-versa) using different emails. The order by which you do this does not matter. You can then login separately to each of these profiles when needed.

All Tren-di users are verified. 
After you have Registered,
complete your profile in Dashboard. It’s just this:

In tab Profile: Add profile photo & fill Information section. A great Bio will help your bookings getting approved.
In tab Verifications : Verify your email address ; Add your phone number ; Add your ID.

Complete these verifications to be able to publish a listing or do a booking request. Profile status will indicate 100%.

Your information is safe with us. We will never release it to anyone else or any third-party company.

Once logged in you have access to your dashboard where you can manage your profile, bookings, messages, personal videos, payment methods and invoices.
Hosts can also create and manage listings, upload and manage property videos, etc.

Instant Booking (2 steps): 

1. Select a home
2. Make Payment

Request to Book (4 steps): 

1. Select a home
2. Booking Request
3. Approval & Payment
4. Check-in!

Please read all details in page How it works.

A Host can be reached only after doing a Booking Request. Once there is a Booking Request, both parties can use the internal messaging system to message each other.

You can use this feature to discuss any relevant issue, make a request, etc.

Each listing has the indication Available from, which will provide an initial idea. 

NOTE: Available from currently from only works for price per month. For properties with a price per night, this indication might not be correct (to be solved soon).

In the listing page, in the booking sidebar, you can enter your dates and see if dates are available.

There can exist a discrepancy for some properties, in-between updates by the hosts.
When you do a booking request the availability is one of the aspects that the host will verify in detail.

There can be a discrepancy.
The date in Available from indicates the next free period (of 1 month) taking into consideration the Booked reservations.
So this is the Booked availability.

The Calendar is more complete and indicates also pending dates. Pending dates are from reservations which have not yet reached state Booked. That is why there can be a discrepancy.

Once the pending reservations turn into Booked reservations, both features with be in sync and indicate the same date.

Tren-di’s responsibility is:

1. Providing and managing the marketplace connecting the product of suppliers, property managers, hosts or landlords with guests who are looking to rent.
2. Enforce and uphold responsibility of both parties in relation to our Terms of Service, Platform rules and Tren-di Policies.
3. Create features, procedures, policies, and covers designed to improve the security and ease of use of the marketplace, as well as achieve the best design possible.
4. Several processes in the marketplace require Tren-di’s participation (like verifications, approvals, etc). We are responsible for executing those in a timely manner.
5. Help to mediate disputes and provide advise.
6. Constant improvement of the marketplace.

Tren-di is not responsible for (it is responsibility of the parties):

– Management and decisions taken in relation to bookings
– Check-In
– Lease agreement. On the template provided, Tren-di is mentioned as a mediator (we are not a signing witness)
– Keys handling
– The parties duties, namely but not limited to, payment of rent, good property care
– Negligence or failure to act when required
– The acts, responses or actions of either party
– Property or filling damages
– Any damages, loss or inconvenience the parties may incur, including from cancellations
– Theft or robbery of property filling or guest belongings
– After Check-in, Tren-di has no more participation or responsibility (in any way) on the rental, except fulfilling our part in any process.


– Be respectful, honest, correct at all times.
– A marketplace is based on collaborative economy, and in other words we call this community.
– Our community is based on trust. Trust and be trustworthy. Make friends. Create the world you want to live in.

– If something happens, you are only a phone call away!

Publishing Listings

Host profile

Only users with host profile can add or edit listings.
At registration, select ‘I want to host’.

Login, go to Dashboard and click on tab Add New Listing.
Fill all sections until the end.

Edit as many times as you want

If you don’t have all the information, pictures and videos close at hand, not a problem, you will be able to edit your listing as many times as you want.

You can complete your listing in one go – our recommended method –  or you can complete it in steps by saving it as draft, and restart again later on.

Your Listing will be approved by Rentwlo, before publishing is possible.

For a listing to be approved

Please complete your listing as much as possible.
Photos are required before we can approve a listing.
Videos are optional.

Hosts can preview their listings (adverts) before they are published.

You can see how your Ad will look like while you are editing it. It’s a cool feature.

Only the listing author can see it, prior to publishing.

When editing your listing, the section Energy Efficiency can be found in tab Features.

Filling this section is optional.

In the listing page, this information can be found in Features / Energy.

If you entered a price per night, then hosting licence is mandatory.

This a legal requirement in Portugal. In Portugal it’s called Licença de Alojamento Local (licence for local hosting).

If you only entered a price per month, hosting licence is not required.

Currently we support a unique price per night

Price for weekends, specific days, or per season are not supported.


You can specify a standard price per month plus specify the price individually for each month.

This feature allows you to follow the seasons. Have a price for low and a price for high season.


See our pricing here.

a) If you are booking per-night, you pay the total for the period.
b) If you are booking per-month, independently of your booked period, you pay only the first month. If you’re staying longer than 1 month the additional days or future rents are to be paid directly to the host.
c) If the listing has a price per night + price per month, up to 29 days, you pay as in a, above. If your booking is 30 days or more, you pay as in b, above.

The calculations for your booking will be shown in the booking sidebar.

When to pay:
After host approval. It’s a one time payment only. Guest has 24h to pay approval.

Payment methods:
We accept payments through Wire Transfer, MB-WAY or PayPal (debit card, credit card or PayPal).

> PayPal Payment is done immediately in the Platform.
> If you choose MB-WAY or Wire Transfer, payment is not done in our platform. Simply pay off site, using your home banking or MB-Way app, and then add proof of payment to the reservation.

The deposit is always paid with your booking and for guest security and protection remains with Tren-di (its not given to the host).

This is good design that saves you time and gives you safety.

Don’t consider the deposit a cost. You get it back at the end of your stay.

Service fee is not applied to the deposit.

Utilities may be included in the rent price. Sometimes they are included up to a certain price and above that the difference must be paid. Or they are not included at all. This information is in the listing.

Login to our account and go to Dashboard / Profile / Payment Method.

Scroll down to Section Select Your Payout Method. Fill that section (and the one below) with your preferred method to receive payment (limited to Wire Transfer or MB-WAY). Click Save.

48h after check-in we make payment to you.

Login to our account and go to Dashboard / Profile / Payment Method.

Scroll down to Section Select Your Payout Method. Fill that section (and the one below) with your preferred method to receive payment (limited to Wire Transfer or MB-WAY). Click Save.

Up to 72h after check-out we return the deposit.


Always book your entire period of interest. Normally, the demand far exceeds the number of homes available so you are taking a huge risk that the host will receive a booking for the period you didn’t book.

So, always be safe and book the period that you are comfortable with and can commit to.

Scheduled to release in Dec 2022. Work is ongoing.

In any page, place the mouse over your name or picture in the top right corner. A dropdown menu will appear. Click Reservations.

On a tablet or phone, to get the dropdown menu tap your picture.

Here you can see a list of all your reservations and get important data at a glance, like status, property id, check in and check out dates, price, etc, and you can filter and search.

To access the Reservation page click button Details. Here you can follow status, progress, see what to do next, and you’re able to manage your booking with several options.

Once you have done a Booking request, you will be able to send a message to the host, and vice-versa.
This is an excellent way to clarify any question, request and add additional information, or simply keep in touch.

You can send a message from the reservation page or from Dashboard / Messages.

Currently not. This feature is scheduled for release in Q1 2023.

After the reservation is Booked, the host can change the end-date, but not the start date.

Workaround: If you need to change the dates check availability with the host and then do a new reservation request. The previous one can be cancelled.

The host can change the price by adding a discount (or a raise) to the reservation.
You can always mention it to the host and he can take it into consideration.

Hosts may require some documents. Please read page Documents.


Some info to keep in mind:

– About 7 days prior to check-in, we provide to guest and host each other’s contacts.

– Ask the host for the exact address.

– At check-in check, ask the host if all is working well in the home. If there’s any important issue the host should communicate it. Any significant issues please get feedback on resolution from the host.

– If the host has an agreement to sign, please sign it. 

– Receive your keys. Clarify the house rules.

– If you booked per night, all your stay is already paid (unless if the host indicated any other conditions to be paid at arrival). If you booked per month and you are staying more than 1 month (in the platform you already paid the first month), the remaining value or future rents will be paid directly to the host.

– Tren-di will do payment to the host 48h after check-in.

Enjoy your stay!

If your stay is beyond 1 monthonce reservation is paid, we provide a lease agreement template (bilingue in Portuguese and English) to be signed by both parties at check-in.

Host : Simply fill the personal information, reservation dates, rent value and values paid and it’s ready to sign. Always follow exactly the reservation made.

Guest : Before check-in, please request the agreement to the host so you can read it. Online contracts (or signed online) are not supported yet. 

Signing the agreement is up to the host. Also, the host may have his own template that he prefers to use. Some hosts may prefer not to sign an agreement and instead the reservation on Tren-di serves as a valid contract.

All went well at check-in? All ok with the home?
Soon after check-in we give you a quick call (or message) just to check with you.


Some info to keep in mind:

– Do a Review of your stay. The host will also a review.

– Comply with any conditions in your agreement with the host.

– Leave the home in the exact same condition that you receive it. For any damages, please talk to the host and agree on a value for the damages, and make this payment asap. Or talk to us and we use your deposit.

– Return the keys.

– In case of no property or filling damages claimed by the host : the deposit is returned 72h after check-out.



T.Cover Cancellation | Guarantee

These are a set of services, coverages, measures, and customer benefits that act as a guarantee and standard of service.

Please read it on page Cancellation Policy.

Please read the complete policy in Cancellation Policy.

If you need to cancel always indicate your reasons to the other party.

Avoid as much as possible cancellations, specially close to check-in. They can cause stress and a financial impact.

Once booked cancel only in extraordinary circumstances, like for impactful health reasons, complete trip cancellation, etc.

If there’s a delay in your flight or any other issue, simply let the host know.

Decline is before guest has made payment. After payment it’s called a Cancellation.

We consider that hosts only in very rare cases will cancel a reservation, and even less as we get close to check-in date.

We are monitoring the activity of each host. We may have a conversation if we see activity that is not the expected. That may cause the host’s listings to be downgraded.

Currently we don’t do this automatically but we are watching.

Your reservation was declined or cancelled before payment:
You won’t be charged. Just move on, search other properties and do a new booking request.

Your reservation was cancelled after payment:
We give you a Credit. We calculate how much you are entitled to and we add that value to you as a Credit (see Dashboard / Credits). You can use the Credit immediately in your next reservation. You don’t have to do anything, it will appear in the calculations of your next reservation.

Note: the Credit is added manually by our customer support, so there could be a little delay until we can do it. Normally we make it available the same day.

You can confirm the amount credited by consulting our Cancellation Policy. Let us know if you need further clarification. 

In case you don’t want to use Tren-di anymore you can request a refund in Dashboard / Credits. Once your credit is added the button Request Refund will appear. Simply click on it and we get the request.

If your booking is cancelled we give you a Credit (online refund).

Please read page Credits and Refunds for compete information on this topic.

Login to our account and go to Dashboard / Profile / Payment Method.

Scroll down to Section Select Your Payout Method. Fill that section (and the one below) with your preferred method to receive payment (limited to Wire Transfer or MB-WAY). Click Save.

Videos and other features

Why videos? Read page Videos.

Read all technical details on how to create a video for Tren-di on page Create video.

If the host is requesting a Personal video (video cv):

1. Create your video and upload it to Tren-di.
Read a how-to-do resume in Dashboard / Video cv. For all details see page Create video.

2. Booking request.
 At booking request select a video from your library, or add a link to your video stored in a third party company like YouTube or Vimeo.

Read all technical details on how to create a video for Tren-di on page Create video.

For all details on this feature, please see page Disable Bookings after x days.

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